Waterproof Label Sheets

You never know the weather conditions labels may be exposed to. We offer a complete range of waterproof labels and plastic label sheets to ensure you can keep things labelled correctly in all conditions. Whether you’re shipping products that may be exposed to the elements, or placing a sign in a high traffic area, a waterproof label could be the answer you are looking for. Our team has been in the label printing game for many years, which gives us unparalleled experience and expertise. More people rely on us for service and quality than any other in Australia.

Plastic label sheets at Australia’s most affordable prices

The team at Label Express has been providing the highest quality labels for many years. We don’t simply aim to sell labels and make a profit, instead we try to build a relationship where you can rely on us for quality and affordability, as well as great service. Our low prices are an indicator of our experience and buying power, and we don’t sell anything that doesn’t meet our rigorous standards. You can trust Label Express to provide the best products without compromise. Our selection of waterproof plastic label sheets will ensure you can label effectively and as permanently as possible, without breaking the bank. We are proud of our commitment to customer satisfaction and aim to enhance our impeccable reputation with every transaction.

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