High-Quality Matte Sticker Paper

Are you looking for printable matte sticker paper?

Our matte white sticker papers are extensively used and make the ideal option for everyday printing needs. The flawless surface finish ensures inks and toners dry immediately allowing immediate usage and application of the labels. 

The waterproof matte sticker paper is highly compatible with laser and inkjet printers and creates vibrant designs. The printable sticker papers consist of permanent adhesives. If you want to design custom stickers or product labels for your company, then place your order for matte sticker papers today. 

The printable matte sticker paper adheres to various surfaces such as metal, plastic and tin. The pop-up edge offers quick peeling, these stickers can be customized using design templates offered by LabelsOnSheets.

Matte Sticker Paper

Explore our vast range of label sizes and shapes. Our matte white A4 matte sticker paper can be used for all dry area applications including product labels, storage solutions, promotional purposes and general office use.

Our printable matte sticker paper labels are suitable for most monotone and color Inkjet and Laser printers, and office copiers.

This material is also available with permanent, heavy-duty permanent, or removable grade adhesives.

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