Template Options

Accurate templates are the key to the production of professional looking labels. You have three proven options here.

1. LabelsOnSheets Free Template Software

  1. Our software is available FREE to our customers once you have completed your order, including payment. BE SURE to click on the download button when it appears.
  2. The software will help you produce a very accurate template, due to its many adjustment tools. IT DOES NOT PRODUCE YOUR GRAPHICS.
  3. Download the software and install it on your computer.
  4. Create your label graphic, preferably to label size, & save to your PICTURES or DOCUMENTS file ready for downloading into your new template.
  5. NOTE your graphics should be saved in one of the following formats: jpg, tif, png, bmp, or wmf.
  6. If you require assistance to set up your first template dial 0418 331 674 and we shall create your first template together.

Please DO NOT call until you have completed items 3, 4, and 5 otherwise it will difficult to assist you.

Our software is PC compatible only. If you have a MAC we strongly suggest you look into Crossover MAC Conversion Software

The LabelsOnSheets Template Software will allow you to produce a template to any rectangle, square, round, or oval label size that will fit on an A4 sheet. The software will not adapt to complex shapes such as starbursts etc. It will also adapt to other label brands.

2. Microsoft Word

The following is a list of instructions to assist you to create a template in Word

  1. Click on the MAILINGS tab.
  2. Click on the LABELS tab.
  3. Click on FULL PAGE OF SAME LABELS tab.
  4. Click on NEW LABEL tab.
  5. Name your label template then fill in all the settings & dimensions in the dialogue box. NOTE: All of these settings are available on all our label pages on our website.
  6. Once completed click OK.
  7. Your custom template will now appear in the Product Number scroll-down list.

Your template is now ready to receive your graphic (print) details.

3. CorelDraw or Adobe illustrator

These extremely professional graphics packages produce accurate templates by the step-and-repeat method.

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