Carton Shipping Labels

The journey of a carton or box can be a long and arduous one. They may be exposed to unforeseen circumstances, stoppages in strange, exotic places, or change hands several times before reaching their ultimate destination. This is where Label Express steps in. We have a range of labels that you can stick to your cartons, boxes and packages to make sure that they are treated the right way throughout their entire trip. From the moment they leave your hands to the moment they arrive at their destination, the couriers in between will know not to bend, cut, refrigerate or freeze your packages.

Ensure safety and security for your packages with our carton labels

Our labels are not only designed to last the journey, they also look the part. No one will be under any illusions about what is expected of their service when carrying your items. Whether you’re shipping electronics, art work or important papers, our labels will get the message across loud and clear. They come in bright colours, with bold fonts and high contrast designs. Images are used in conjunction with the text to reinforce the message and make sure nothing is left to a misunderstanding. There is nothing more disappointing than finding out something went wrong during shipping and knowing that the simplest of labels could have prevented it.

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