Freight Destination Labels

The most basic tenet of shipping in any business is that you deliver items to the right places. Label Express is the simple solution to one of the major headaches of moving products across the country to different branches or outlets. Our range features a multitude of high-quality, innovative designs that will ensure that you can put the right, correctly formatted information on everything you send. At a glance, you will be able to see the destination state, the date, the quantity, and all the necessary details. These brightly coloured, easy to spot freight labels are ideal for businesses of all sizes, across a wide range of industries and business in Australia.

Exceptional label quality across our entire freight range

When it comes to quality, we endeavour to provide the very best. Our freight labels are designed to survive arduous journeys and the elements. We use the toughest paper stock available, ensuring they won’t tear and become unreadable, and that at every point in the freight journey — from beginning to end — it is doing exactly the job it is designed for. This doesn’t happen by accident and Label Express has built an impeccable reputation for providing labels that meet and surpass industry standards, as well as our own exacting expectations.

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